Energy distribution is the fastest growing, respectively changing, segment of the energy industry.

With the availability of large computing power as well as fast communication media, the supply of energy to individual consumers is no longer a monopoly trade in the developed world. The consumer is able to select the vendor of its choice at the best rate.


Opening of the energy sector to the private investors shall invariably lead to the opening of consumer markets.


WJCO, using its procurement base in EU and far east is well prepared to serve this segment by provision of intelligent meters, load management devices as well as serve the utilities with traditional devices such as circuit breakers, load centers, power and control cables, etc.


The extent of offerings from WJCO extend from EPC contracts to supply of standard products in the energy supply chain. These include, but not limited to, Circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear, control and protection devices, batteries and chargers etc. These are handled by the trading division of WJCO.