With the formation of a joint-venture with Sinoma, the doors for the large power transmission market are now open to WJCO. The competence of the new joint venture will be the new benchmark in the transmission market by providing excellent project execution procedures and quality products from our world-wide contacts.


Our clients benefit from the extensive experience of Chinese companies that was gained in the execution of mega projects in the home market. It is common knowledge that the infra-structure projects that have been executed all over China and the huge power demand are a good learning field for the Chinese companies.


The engineering capabilities as well as our project management strengths and skilled human resources available provides WJCO with a competitive advantage in the Saudi Arabian market.


The vast distances in Saudi Arabia between the power plants and load centers require long power transmission lines and cables operating at 380kV.


The country and region has a massive demand for companies that are able to build long lines in remote areas. Currently, there are a limited number of companies with this competence. We aim to also serve this segment of the market.